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Other Versions

Flixel comes in a few different flavors: Master, Beta, and Dev. Master is the most stable, but thusly the oldest code. That giant download button up there is for the Master branch. Beta is newer than Master, but is still being tested by the community. Dev is the least stable, most experimental version of Flixel. Generally, when new features are added to Flixel, they are first added to the Dev branch. When the dust settles, those changes graduate to Beta, and are eventually merged to Master.
Latest Master:
Latest Beta:
Latest Dev:
v2.43 Beta:
v2.35 Master:

Source Code and Git

All Flixel downloads include the source code, which is distributed under the MIT License, meaning users are free to do whatever they want with the Flixel code, for personal or commercial purposes. We use the free source control software Git to manage versioning, and we use the website GitHub as our public repo. To browse the source code or learn how to connect to the Flixel repo directly using Git, check out

Flixel Development Enviroments

FlashDevelop is a fantastic free program for Windows, especially with this Flixel template.
FlashBuilder is a nice cross-platform plugin for Eclipse with a trial version at the official Adobe site.
The MXMLC commandline tools are free, great for experienced coders, and the only Linux option.

Other Resources

  • Flixel Power Tools is a powerful set of add-ons and plugins for Flixel.
  • TweenLite is an extremely fast, lightweight, and flexible tweening engine.
  • Nape is a great Flash physics engine with support for one-way platforms and other nice game stuff.
  • Box2D is Erin Catto's industry-standard 2D physics engine, and it has a Flash port!
  • Flod is an AS3 Amiga Soundtracker Module Replay class, for playing chiptunes in their native format.
  • FlashPunk was inspired by Flixel, and Flixel v2.50 was inspired by FlashPunk. A great game engine!