These are the best-written and most in-depth Flash and Flixel-specific tutorials that we could find. If you find a great tutorial that you would like to see in this list just let us know!

Open Source Projects

Mode, FlxInvaders, all that good stuff. Plus 2.5-compatible projects that I didn’t work on. To make this easier to maintain we might even want to just make a wiki page devoted to like up-to-date open source projects and point at that instead?
  • Hello World: A very simple Flixel program that displays "hello world".
  • EZPlatformer: A simple, one-file platforming game with tilemaps and collectibles.
  • FlxInvaders: A shabby space invaders clone.
  • FlxTeroids: A shabby asteroids clone.
  • FlxCollisions: A test bed for Flixel's collision systems.
  • Mode: A fully featured game, with enemies and procedural level generation.
  • FlxBlur: A simple motion-trails special effect test.
  • FlxBloom: A simple "light bloom" special effect test.