FlxBasic This is a useful "generic" Flixel object.
 FlxButton A simple button class that calls a function when clicked by the mouse.
 FlxCamera The camera class is used to display the game's visuals in the Flash player.
 FlxEmitter FlxEmitter is a lightweight particle emitter.
 FlxG This is a global helper class full of useful functions for audio, input, basic info, and the camera system among other things.
 FlxGame FlxGame is the heart of all flixel games, and contains a bunch of basic game loops and things.
 FlxGroup This is an organizational class that can update and render a bunch of FlxBasics.
 FlxObject This is the base class for most of the display objects (FlxSprite, FlxText, etc).
 FlxParticle This is a simple particle class that extends the default behavior of FlxSprite to have slightly more specialized behavior common to many game scenarios.
 FlxPath This is a simple path data container.
 FlxPoint Stores a 2D floating point coordinate.
 FlxRect Stores a rectangle.
 FlxSave A class to help automate and simplify save game functionality.
 FlxSound This is the universal flixel sound object, used for streaming, music, and sound effects.
 FlxSprite The main "game object" class, the sprite is a FlxObject with a bunch of graphics options and abilities, like animation and stamping.
 FlxState This is the basic game "state" object - e.g.
 FlxText Extends FlxSprite to support rendering text.
 FlxTileblock This is a basic "environment object" class, used to create simple walls and floors.
 FlxTilemap This is a traditional tilemap display and collision class.
 FlxTimer A simple timer class, leveraging the new plugins system.