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E — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
editing — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.Watch
Whether a watch entry is currently being edited or not.
editing — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.WatchEntry
Whether the entry is currently being edited or not.
EIGHT — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
elapsed — Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxG
Represents the amount of time in seconds that passed since last frame.
elasticity — Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
The bounciness of this object.
emitParticle() — method, class org.flixel.FlxEmitter
This function can be used both internally and externally to emit the next particle.
END — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
ENTER — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
erase() — method, class org.flixel.FlxSave
Erases everything stored in the local shared object.
ERROR — Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxSave
ESCAPE — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
execute() — method, class org.flixel.system.FlxQuadTree
FlxQuadTree's other main function.
exists — Property, class org.flixel.FlxBasic
Controls whether update() and draw() are automatically called by FlxState/FlxGroup.
_explode — Property, class org.flixel.FlxEmitter
Internal helper for the style of particle emission (all at once, or one at a time).
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