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I — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
ID — Property, class org.flixel.FlxBasic
IDs seem like they could be pretty useful, huh? They're not actually used for anything yet though.
ignoreDrawDebug — Property, class org.flixel.FlxBasic
Setting this to true will prevent the object from appearing when the visual debug mode in the debugger overlay is toggled on.
ignoreDrawDebug — Property, class org.flixel.FlxPath
Setting this to true will prevent the object from appearing when the visual debug mode in the debugger overlay is toggled on.
imageToCSV(ImageFile:Class, Invert:Boolean, Scale:uint) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxTilemap
Converts a resource image file to a comma-separated string.
ImgAuto — Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxTilemap
ImgAutoAlt — Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxTilemap
ImgBounds — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.Vis
ImgDefault — Property, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
ImgDefaultButton — Property, class org.flixel.FlxButton
ImgDefaultCursor — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Mouse
ImgFlixel — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
ImgHandle — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxWindow
ImgLogo — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
ImgLogo — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxPreloader
ImgLogoCorners — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxPreloader
ImgLogoLight — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxPreloader
ImgOpen — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
ImgPause — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
ImgPlay — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
ImgRecordOff — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
ImgRecordOn — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
ImgRestart — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
ImgStep — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
ImgStop — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
immovable — Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
Whether an object will move/alter position after a collision.
index — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxTile
The index of this tile type in the core map data.
init(Game:org.flixel:FlxGame, Width:uint, Height:uint, Zoom:Number) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Called by FlxGame to set up FlxG during FlxGame's constructor.
init() — method, class org.flixel.system.FlxReplay
Common initialization terms used by both create() and load() to set up the replay object.
init(E:flash.events:Event) — method, class org.flixel.system.FlxWindow
Used to set up basic mouse listeners.
init(E:flash.events:Event) — method, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
Just sets up basic mouse listeners, a la FlxWindow.
init(E:flash.events:Event) — method, class org.flixel.system.debug.Vis
Just sets up basic mouse listeners, a la FlxWindow.
_initialized — Property, class org.flixel.FlxButton
Whether or not the button has initialized itself yet.
Input — class, package org.flixel.system.input
Basic input class that manages the fast-access Booleans and detailed key-state tracking.
Input() — Constructor, class org.flixel.system.input.Input
INSERT — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
_iState — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
Class type of the initial/first game state for the game, usually MenuState or something like that.
isTouching(Direction:uint) — method, class org.flixel.FlxObject
Handy function for checking if this object is touching a particular surface.
_iterator — Static Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxQuadTree
Internal, used during tree processing and overlap checks.
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