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L — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
label — Property, class org.flixel.FlxButton
The text that appears on the button.
labelOffset — Property, class org.flixel.FlxButton
Controls the offset (from top left) of the text from the button.
last — Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
Important variable for collision processing.
_last — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Mouse
Helper variable for tracking whether the mouse was just pressed or just released.
_lastTime — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.Perf
_lastVisualDebug — Property, class org.flixel.FlxTilemap
Internal flag for checking to see if we need to refresh the tilemap display to show or hide the bounding boxes.
_lastWheel — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Mouse
_lastX — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Mouse
Helper variables for recording purposes.
_lastY — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Mouse
_layout — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxDebugger
Internal, tracks what debugger window layout user has currently selected.
LBRACKET — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
left — Property, class org.flixel.FlxRect
The X coordinate of the left side of the rectangle.
LEFT — Constant Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
Generic value for "left" Used by facing, allowCollisions, and touching.
LEFT — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
_leftEdge — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxQuadTree
Internal, governs and assists with the formation of the tree.
length — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGroup
The number of entries in the members array.
level — Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxG
levels — Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxG
FlxG.levels and FlxG.scores are generic global variables that can be used for various cross-state stuff.
LIBRARY_MAJOR_VERSION — Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxG
Assign a major version to your library.
LIBRARY_MINOR_VERSION — Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxG
Assign a minor version to your library.
LIBRARY_NAME — Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxG
If you build and maintain your own version of flixel, you can give it your own name here.
lifespan — Property, class org.flixel.FlxEmitter
How long each particle lives once it is emitted.
lifespan — Property, class org.flixel.FlxParticle
How long this particle lives before it disappears.
LINE_HEIGHT — Constant Static Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.Watch
_lines — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.Log
_list — Static Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxQuadTree
Internal, used during tree processing and overlap checks.
load(ObjectOrGroup1:org.flixel:FlxBasic, ObjectOrGroup2:org.flixel:FlxBasic, NotifyCallback:Function, ProcessCallback:Function) — method, class org.flixel.system.FlxQuadTree
Load objects and/or groups into the quad tree, and register notify and processing callbacks.
load(FileContents:String) — method, class org.flixel.system.FlxReplay
Load replay data from a String object.
load(Graphic:Class, Scale:Number, XOffset:int, YOffset:int) — method, class org.flixel.system.input.Mouse
Load a new mouse cursor graphic
load(Data:String) — method, class org.flixel.system.replay.FrameRecord
Load the frame record data from array simple ASCII string.
loadEmbedded(EmbeddedSound:Class, Looped:Boolean, AutoDestroy:Boolean) — method, class org.flixel.FlxSound
One of two main setup functions for sounds, this function loads a sound from an embedded MP3.
loadGraphic(Graphic:Class, Animated:Boolean, Reverse:Boolean, Width:uint, Height:uint, Unique:Boolean) — method, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
Load an image from an embedded graphic file.
loadMap(MapData:String, TileGraphic:Class, TileWidth:uint, TileHeight:uint, AutoTile:uint, StartingIndex:uint, DrawIndex:uint, CollideIndex:uint) — method, class org.flixel.FlxTilemap
Load the tilemap with string data and a tile graphic.
loadReplay(Data:String, State:org.flixel:FlxState, CancelKeys:Array, Timeout:Number, Callback:Function) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Load replay data from a string and play it back.
loadRotatedGraphic(Graphic:Class, Rotations:uint, Frame:int, AntiAliasing:Boolean, AutoBuffer:Boolean) — method, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
Create a pre-rotated sprite sheet from a simple sprite.
loadSound(EmbeddedSound:Class, Volume:Number, Looped:Boolean, AutoDestroy:Boolean, AutoPlay:Boolean, URL:String) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Creates a new sound object.
loadStream(SoundURL:String, Looped:Boolean, AutoDestroy:Boolean) — method, class org.flixel.FlxSound
One of two main setup functions for sounds, this function loads a sound from a URL.
loadTiles(TileGraphic:Class, TileWidth:uint, TileHeight:uint, Empties:uint) — method, class org.flixel.FlxTileblock
Fills the block with a randomly arranged selection of graphics from the image provided.
lockCameras() — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Called by the game object to lock all the camera buffers and clear them for the next draw pass.
log(Data:Object) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Log data to the debugger.
log — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxDebugger
Container for the trace output widget.
Log — class, package org.flixel.system.debug
A simple trace output window for use in the debugger overlay.
Log(Title:String, Width:Number, Height:Number, Resizable:Boolean, Bounds:flash.geom:Rectangle, BGColor:uint, TopColor:uint) — Constructor, class org.flixel.system.debug.Log
Creates a new window object.
looped(event:flash.events:Event) — method, class org.flixel.FlxSound
An internal helper function used to help Flash resume playing a looped sound.
_looped — Property, class org.flixel.FlxSound
Internal tracker for whether the sound is looping or not.
looped — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxAnim
Whether or not the animation is looped
loops — Property, class org.flixel.FlxTimer
How many loops the timer was set for.
_loopsCounter — Property, class org.flixel.FlxTimer
Internal tracker for the loops counting up.
loopsLeft — Property, class org.flixel.FlxTimer
Read-only: check how many loops are left on the timer.
_lostFocus — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
Whether the Flash player lost focus.
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