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R — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
_radius — Property, class org.flixel.FlxSound
Internal tracker for the maximum effective radius of this sound (for proximity and panning).
random() — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Generates a random number.
randomFrame() — method, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
Tell the sprite to change to a random frame of animation Useful for instantiating particles or other weird things.
ray(Start:org.flixel:FlxPoint, End:org.flixel:FlxPoint, Result:org.flixel:FlxPoint, Resolution:Number) — method, class org.flixel.FlxTilemap
Shoots a ray from the start point to the end point.
raySimplifyPath(Points:Array) — method, class org.flixel.FlxTilemap
Pathfinding helper function, strips out even more points by raycasting from one point to the next and dropping unnecessary points.
RBRACKET — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
record() — method, class org.flixel.system.input.Input
If any keys are not "released" (0), this function will return an array indicating which keys are pressed and what state they are in.
record() — method, class org.flixel.system.input.Mouse
If the mouse changed state or is pressed, return that info now
recordFrame() — method, class org.flixel.system.FlxReplay
Get the current input data from the input managers and store it in a new frame record.
_recording — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
Flag for whether a new recording is being made.
recording() — method, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
Usually called by FlxGame when a requested recording has begun.
_recordingRequested — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
Flag for whether a new recording was requested.
_recordOff — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
_recordOn — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
recordReplay(StandardMode:Boolean) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Resets the game or state and requests a new recording.
_rect — Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
This is just a pre-allocated rectangle container to be used however you like
_rects — Property, class org.flixel.FlxTilemap
Internal representation of rectangles, one for each tile in the entire tilemap, used to speed up drawing.
recycle(ObjectClass:Class) — method, class org.flixel.FlxGroup
Recycling is designed to help you reuse game objects without always re-allocating or "newing" them.
RED — Constant Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxG
Some handy color presets.
_regen — Property, class org.flixel.FlxText
Whether the actual text field needs to be regenerated and stamped again.
reloadReplay(StandardMode:Boolean) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Resets the game or state and replay requested flag.
remove(Object:org.flixel:FlxBasic, Splice:Boolean) — method, class org.flixel.FlxGroup
Removes an object from the group.
remove(Node:org.flixel:FlxPoint) — method, class org.flixel.FlxPath
Remove a node from the path.
remove(Path:org.flixel:FlxPath) — method, class org.flixel.plugin.DebugPathDisplay
Remove a path from the path debug display manager.
remove(Timer:org.flixel:FlxTimer) — method, class org.flixel.plugin.TimerManager
Remove a timer from the timer manager.
remove(AnyObject:Object, VariableName:String) — method, class org.flixel.system.debug.Watch
Remove a variable from the watch window.
removeAll() — method, class org.flixel.system.debug.Watch
Remove everything from the watch window.
removeAt(Index:uint) — method, class org.flixel.FlxPath
Remove a node from the path using the specified position in the list of path nodes.
removeCamera(Camera:org.flixel:FlxCamera, Destroy:Boolean) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Remove a camera from the game.
removePlugin(Plugin:org.flixel:FlxBasic) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Removes an instance of a plugin from the global plugin array.
removePluginType(ClassType:Class) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Removes an instance of a plugin from the global plugin array.
replace(OldObject:org.flixel:FlxBasic, NewObject:org.flixel:FlxBasic) — method, class org.flixel.FlxGroup
Replaces an existing FlxBasic with a new one.
replaceColor(Color:uint, NewColor:uint, FetchPositions:Boolean) — method, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
_replay — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
Container for a game replay object.
_replayCallback — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
This function, if set, is triggered when the callback stops playing.
_replayCancelKeys — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
Array that keeps track of keypresses that can cancel a replay.
_replaying — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
Flag for whether a replay is currently playing.
_replayRequested — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
Flag for whether a playback of a recording was requested.
_replayTimer — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
Helps time out a replay if necessary.
reposition(X:Number, Y:Number) — method, class org.flixel.system.FlxWindow
Change the position of the window.
_requestedReset — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
A flag for keeping track of whether a game reset was requested or not.
_requestedState — Property, class org.flixel.FlxGame
If a state change was requested, the new state object is stored here until we switch to it.
reset() — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Called whenever the game is reset, doesn't have to do quite as much work as the basic initialization stuff.
reset(X:Number, Y:Number) — method, class org.flixel.FlxObject
Handy function for reviving game objects.
reset() — method, class org.flixel.system.input.Input
Resets all the keys.
reset() — method, class org.flixel.system.input.Mouse
Resets the just pressed/just released flags and sets mouse to not pressed.
resetCameras(NewCamera:org.flixel:FlxCamera) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Dumps all the current cameras and resets to just one camera.
resetDebuggerLayout() — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Just resets the debugger windows to whatever the last selected layout was (DEBUGGER_STANDARD by default).
resetGame() — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Like hitting the reset button on a game console, this will re-launch the game as if it just started.
resetHelpers() — method, class org.flixel.FlxButton
Updates the size of the text field to match the button.
resetHelpers() — method, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
Resets some important variables for sprite optimization and rendering.
resetInput() — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Reset the input helper objects (useful when changing screens or states)
resetLayout() — method, class org.flixel.system.FlxDebugger
Forces the debugger windows to reset to the last specified layout.
resetState() — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Request a reset of the current game state.
_resizable — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxWindow
Helper for interaction.
resize(Width:Number, Height:Number) — method, class org.flixel.system.FlxWindow
Resize the window.
_resizing — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxWindow
Helper for interaction.
_restart — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
resume() — method, class org.flixel.FlxSound
Unpause a sound.
resumeSounds() — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Resume playing existing sounds.
revive() — method, class org.flixel.FlxBasic
Handy function for bringing game objects "back to life".
rewind() — method, class org.flixel.system.FlxReplay
Reset the replay back to the first frame.
right — Property, class org.flixel.FlxRect
The X coordinate of the right side of the rectangle.
RIGHT — Constant Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
Generic value for "right" Used by facing, allowCollisions, and touching.
RIGHT — Property, class org.flixel.system.input.Keyboard
_rightEdge — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxQuadTree
Internal, governs and assists with the formation of the tree.
rotatePoint(X:Number, Y:Number, PivotX:Number, PivotY:Number, Angle:Number, Point:org.flixel:FlxPoint) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxU
Rotates a point in 2D space around another point by the given angle.
round(Value:Number) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxU
Round to the closest whole number.
rows — Property, class org.flixel.system.FlxTilemapBuffer
How many rows of tiles fit in this buffer.
_runtime — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
_runtimeDisplay — Property, class org.flixel.system.debug.VCR
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